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I see you, and I know already you're looking to add some flare to your style and stand in your truth.

Our Bespoke Service aims to satisfy each customer's desires, a service that allows you to intertwine ‘self’ and fashion to your specific needs.

You have an idea, and we have the skills and tools, so don’t be shy. Work alongside Designer Kaylighe Reid to ensure a personal, unique product is designed and made with quality and detail. Exclusively made to your desire, for you and only you!

Exclusive to our new site, we are happy to be able to offer you a range of garments that you can order as a personal bespoke piece for your self or as a beautiful gift. When requesting a quote or more information, choose either a single garment or a two-piece, where you can select your desired style of top and pants.

Ready? Let's go! We can’t wait to hear from you.

Fill out the short form below, giving us a real good idea of who you and what you are looking to create. If you are unsure but know you would like a bespoke piece or have trouble finding the words to describe your desired look, fear no more, G'zell is here for you! Fill out what you can on the form, and let's begin the process together to create something exclusively for you.

Bespoke designs include techniques such as basic vinyl printing, colour blocking and fabric blocking.

Bespoke piece created for wedding.jpg
elahood pvc project
Collaboration with AZ MAG X ARi FITz
Elahood project made pvc coats